Friday, August 6, 2010

Where do baby squirrels hide?

We have several pecan trees in our backyard, which teems with squirrels. Yet I have never seen a baby squirrel--never seen any squirrel, in fact, that looks younger than a teenager. Where do squirrels nest? We like to watch the birds building nests... but I have a feeling that squirrels are much more reclusive than birds.Where do baby squirrels hide?
yes squirrels are much more reclusive than birds, and squirrel nests are different that birds, they still take twigs and stuff but they will use what ever they can find laying around to stuff in the den to keep it warm. squirrels usually find holes way up in the tree to build a nest in, and they do not usually venture out until they are almost adults.Where do baby squirrels hide?
They usually nest in holes in trees or, failing that, big balls of old leaves/twigs that they build themselves. I've never seen a baby squirrel either. I think they just grow very, very fast. Come to think of it, pigeons are similar. Where are the baby pigeons?
Squirrels build hidden dens for their young.
Hollow trees, or in the nests, that the adults build with leaves!

You see, there's two different kinds of squirrel nest 1. a leaf nest that the squirrels build by themselves and 2. the hollow tree one where woodpeckers do all the work!
Squirrels have there young in holes in trees,Sometimes in an Attic of a house,and they also build nests similar to a birds but it has a top with 1or 2 holes for entry an exit.They will knot come out until they are weened and you will see them playing outside the den more and more as they get older if you be silent and motionless.

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