Saturday, August 21, 2010

I found Baby squirrels.HELP?

okay i need to know things like how to take care of them

will the mom still take them back after we touched them?

we do not know where the mom is, is could be dead since we cut down are trees.

any one know

?I found Baby squirrels.HELP?
Best to call a local wildlife rehabber. Here is the Audon societies rehabilitation center locator...鈥?/a>I found Baby squirrels.HELP?
I used to find abandoned baby squirrels and chipmunks and mice all the time. (I had a really mean cat). What I did is I got a hamster cage or whatever, and just took care of them. I got some little bottles for feeding baby kittens and some of the milk for them, and I fed them every couple of hours. You can research on Google ';raising baby squirrels'; or something, I'm sure lots would come up. Right now, I have two baby mice from the pet store (saved from being snake food) that are only about two weeks old so I'm giving them Pablum every couple of hours and keeping them as pets. They're doing great.

Best of luck,

If you found them recently, put them back until dark to see if Mom will return for them.

If not, call you Department of Environmental Conservation, or google Wildlife Rehabilitators for a list of Rehabbers in your area.

Please don't give them anything to eat or drink. If you feed the wrong thing, you will kill them.
Need to contact the DEC and get a number to a wildlife Rehabber in your area. Local vets also should have number. You can try to put the babies in a close basket turned upside down near where you found them. make sure they cannot get out but mom squirrel can get in or tip it over. Then watch from a hidden distance. They will cry when hungry and she should come get them within a hour. She will carry them like cats carry kittens. One at a time. Do not let her see you though. If she does not come bring them in keep warm, feed with a dropper or syringe some Multi milk or Esbilac that get at pet store. Keep them very warm. If they are tiny enough have to stimulate them to go potty after feeding them. But best bet of them surviving is wildlife rehabber or back with mom. Good luck.
my sister found baby squirrels in her attic and we kept one as a pet. it's name was chiggers. i was little and i still remember it. i know they fed it with a bottle but beyond that you'd probably have to google raising baby squirrels. if you're not interested in keeping it as a pet your best bet would be to contact the vet or a wildlife refuge though.
your best bet is to bring them to a wildlife refuge in your area if you have one near by. if not, try bringing them to the vet or calling the vet office and ask them.
I am a rehabber and i take in squirrels,please contact me-1270-828-4519



I will give 50 dollars for your time,
Nature also fells trees. Leave them where they fell and the mom will find them by their cries for food. She should not care if you touched them.
Truly I don't think it's sanitary to keep squirrels ya know with the swine flu and all.Just call animal rescue or something.

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