Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baby squirrels not urinating enough...please help!?

I have a question about two baby squirrels my brother brought home from work. They are about 4-5 weeks old and their eyes are not open yet. After each feeding, I try stimulating urination but only a few small drops come out after about 2 minutes of gently rubbing. How much should be coming out? Also, they have not pooped yet and I have had them for three days, is there a way to stimulate this as well or do they just poop on their own?

Please help!...ThanksBaby squirrels not urinating enough...please help!?
if their eyes are not open yet they are not 4-5- weeks old, they are less than 2 weeks old

take a washcloth, dampen with real warm water and rub the babies bottoms with it gently, it takes a minute or three but they will go #1 and #2, you must do this several times a day

hope that you have them on a good formula

they make the cutest pets but they do make messes and get into trouble

enjoy %26amp; good luckBaby squirrels not urinating enough...please help!?
If they're still feeding off their mothers milk then there won't be much discharge. If they've been weened, then scruff the back of their neck and if the skin doesn't return promptly, they're dehydrated. Make sure that they haven't been weened too early. Vets see rodents quite often so bring them in if it persist. The vet will know how to treat them.

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