Saturday, August 21, 2010

My dog cared for squirrel babies!!!!!?

ok when me and my sister were in our backyard we noticed little squirrel babies on the grass so once we examined them 2 out of 5 were alive. so when we put them in a basket to let them sleep my dog ran over and started to nurse them and lick them. I think she thought they were her puppies!!!! Plus how did she nurse them and she's spayed and never had puppies before!!!!!My dog cared for squirrel babies!!!!!?
I would say natural instinct. All animals have it. It sounds so cute, but you really should contact a vet and talk to them about it. Also take the squirrels and your dog into the vet. I think wild animals may have dieases that they can pass on to their babies and other animals. I personally rather be safe than sorry. Good Luck.My dog cared for squirrel babies!!!!!?
AWESOME! Your really lucky! You should probley see a vet, but seriously Good Luck, and my great grandmother used to have a pet squirrel! Maybe you could take them in! But first, see a vet! Good Luck, and Happy New Year!
This isn't uncommon really, I've known dogs to nurse and care for other litters of puppies, kittens, raccoons and other animals. And they can and do produce milk. False pregnancy can (not as common) occur in spayed dogs and lead them to seem and act pregnant or produce milk. One of our dogs began producing milk for an abandoned kitten and nursed her for several weeks until she weened it.
Not sure how that happened with no milk.....I did get an email about a cat that stole a litter of puppies when she lost her kittens. I wish I could show you but I can find the video. The mother of the pups wanted nothing to do with them so the cat took them into a trailer and nursed them.

ADDED!!! I FOUND IT ON YOU TUBE!!! Please watch, its so cute!鈥?/a>
some animals have maternal instincts. I was watching a show earlier today that said a dog mothered many animal species. she even raised a calf! as for how your dog nursed them, i have no idea but animals are capable of much more than we give them credit for! ;)
thats really kewl! but u should prob see a vet.
if that happened to my dog I would go ask a vet or something.
your dog has great maternal instincts. i would call or swing by the vet to see how to care for the baby squirrels. good luck.
WOW!! your dog must be really smart. That is a good thing because when she has puppies she will take good care of them. But seriously your dog must be smart.
That is really amazing. just let them keep nursing. I've heard of spayed dogs producing milk before, i think its a motherly thing or something.
She more than likely didnt nurse them... she tried to but not milk came out and the babies sucked anyway trying to get milk. That is really great though that the motherly insitnct takes over like that. If you are going to keep these babies read up on care for them and then bottle feed them... even take them to a vet.

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