Saturday, August 21, 2010

How ofter do baby Squirrels need feeding?

today i found a baby squirrel and its mother and father was kill by a car i found them in the road in front of the house i left it in a box by the tree see if the mother came and the dead one was its mother the baby just crawled up my leg and i took him in and made it a warm box to live in for a day or 2 till we can get the animal rescue can come get it and they told us to feed it gatorade and pedisure till they can get it and i was just wordier how often do they eat.How ofter do baby Squirrels need feeding?鈥?/a>

Here are a couple of links with baby squirrel info. Maybe they will help with the ';what to do'; and ';what not to do'; stuff.

I recently raised/hand fed orphaned baby mice. I fed them every 2 hours at first then every 3-4 as they got older. I had them for about 5 weeks. They were barely crawling and lightly furred when I found them, also, their eyes opened a day after I found them.

I assume they are like all other animals, needing to eat every few hours. Hope the sites help.

Handle the baby gently, keep him warm but not over warm.

Good luck.How ofter do baby Squirrels need feeding?
sweet. you have all the luck. (they don't but you do) i want to take care of squirrels. where do you live, can i be your girlfriend until they leave? just kidding. well realize this is a once in a lifetime opportunity %26amp; take lots of pictures. also if they told you what to feed them then they should have mentioned how often but i would go with the baby rule of every few hours. babies, even animal babies won't eat if they are not hungry so offer it to them every 2 hours. or google it somehow.
every two hours should do it. you will probably be able to tell when he is hungary. he will be restless, and maybe make little grunting noises.

Good Luck, and thank you for rescueing him, that is so sweet!
Every 3-4 hours would probably be good, but you really should try to get it some special squirrel formula and a bottle. This happened to me before, they are very cute.

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