Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby Squirrel Help!!?

Ok i found this baby squirrel that i think is about 1 or 2 months old it is about six inches without the tail. i guess it was lost it didnt want to move so i picked it up and put it in a little cage. i put food in it it was a mixture of cracked corn, fiber, protein, and cat food its a mixture that my dad has for our chickens and i put some normal milk and some water in the cage do you think im doing anything wrong am i feeding it the wrong food??? i did see it eat the food but it didnt drink anything and hints tips on what i should do???Baby Squirrel Help!!?
You should be careful feeding cat or dog food, because it is salty. Make sure it has fresh water at all times, anyhow. Try not to handle it too much, because you don't want to get bit or anything. Keep it warm, and in a quarentine for a week, if you are keeping it, it make sure it doesn't die from a disease, and pass it on to anything else.

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um your doing a good thing by taking care of it but do NOT let it go on your arm...it could have rabies...which is bad, (your in wrong section but thats ok lol) um you can give it milk but give it water more than milk and try to put corn and sunflower seeds in there for its food maybe some acorns.
You are in grave danger. This mammal (you are in the bird section, BTW) likely has rabies. Any wild animal who seems this 'tame' is very ill. Do not take it to a vet. Save your money.

Call your local forestry and wildlife office and tell them.
make sure you dont hold it just in case take it to a wild life sancuary were they have squrriels that what my friend did when she found one also try to keep it warm
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