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What to feed baby squirrels?

ok so i found 3 baby squirrels that their eyes arent open yet and i left them by the tree for almost the whole day but their mother wouldnt come, i will take them to the animal shelter but i cant get their untill tomorrow, is there anything homemade to feed them like milk or something, stuff i would already have in my house? and also is it illegal to keep a pet squirrel in nj?What to feed baby squirrels?
It's great that you're planning to take them somewhere. However, shelters are for pets, and are probably giving the squirrels a death sentence, if they even take them. The best thing to do would be to find a wildlife rehabilitation center. You can find this by going on Google and typing in ';Wildlife rehabilitation [your city]';, or you could call a veterinarian and ask them where one is.

I would not feed them anything unless you phone the wildlife rehab and they *tell* you what to feed them. Do not give them cow's milk. I know that some young rodents can be given goat's milk, but I'm not sure about squirrels.

It is most likely illegal to keep them. However, even if it is legal, they are still wild animals who belong in the wild.What to feed baby squirrels?
Yes it is illegal to keep a squirrel. Do not feed them anything. People have the best of intentions but feeding the wrong thing can lead to quicker demise for the baby or an uphill battle of malnutrition or dehydration.

These are links to a wildlife center and the bottem link is a list by county of wildlife rehabilitators in New Jersey:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

this is a great question. what to feed a baby squirl? well, i think that i know the answer for you.

for this, i think that you need to give them some puppy formula.If it is a baby that you are trying to rescue, puppy formula in a small animal nursing bottle works the best for it.

i found a baby chipmunk once, and i used warm also, you should try some warm milk, cause they like that stuff too. but make sure that is't warm, not hot. you dont want to burn the chipmunk's mouth!

no, it's not illigal, i dont think. so i think that your fine. but make sure that when he/she gets older, you set it free, althought i know that you wont want to.

i think that it is really nice of you for helping them, cause you dont have to, but you are. i think that that is really nice.

i hope that my advise helped you, so good luck.

Yes, it is illegal unless you have a USDA license. Sorry, don't know what to feed them.
Just buy some nuts thats what my gram feeds them;鈥?/a>
watm milk would be good, feed them with an eyedropper,

and no i dont think its illegal


cant get their untill tomorrow,

its THERE not their :)
break up corn into very small peices squirrels like corn.And yes it probably is illegal to keep a sqiurrel
I would go to a pet store and ask.
it's not illegal my friend had bought a flying squirrel it was pretty cool
milk in a bottle
try feeding them like a real baby
i would say milk... here is a recipe for kitten milk ... hopefully that will help

call the local Vet / or animal shop and see what they feed guinny pigs or something like that.



4 oz. evaporated milk

4 oz. water

2 egg yolks

1 teaspoon corn syrup (or substitute pancake syrup)

1 capsule cod liver oil

*REFRIGERATE any unused formula and make fresh formula if all not used within 48 hours.


Warm formula but make sure it鈥檚 not too hot ! Use a plastic feeding tube 鈥?a 3 cc size is best but you can use a 1 cc size and you can obtain a tube from a vet or pharmacy. Orphan kittens need to be fed every 2 鈥?3 hours until they are 4 weeks old. At 4 weeks old, you can introduce some canned cat food mixed with the baby kitten formula but supplement with the feeding tube until all kittens are fully able to eat enough on their own. They should be weighed on a kitchen scale each day and their weight recorded in order to make sure they are gaining. Consult a veterinarian if the kittens fail to gain weight, have diarrhea, continually vomit or sneeze.


Orphan kittens need help to eliminate their bowels until they are 3 鈥?4 weeks old, after which time they will begin to eliminate on their own. Until that time, after EACH feeding, use a warm, soft cloth and gently tap or rub their anal area until they pee/poop. This action simulates the mother鈥檚 rough tongue washing which, in a natural situation, helps her kittens eliminate. Be careful not to rub too hard as the skin is very tender on their rear ends when they are tiny kittens.


All baby kittens should be kept warm and out of a draft in a cardboard box in a safe area away from small children, dogs or other animals. All interaction with small children should be supervised as tiny kittens are very vulnerable to stress and handling.

Kittens eyes will usually open around between 10 and 13 days after birth.

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