Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cat issues, my Maine Coon cat keeps bringing in baby squirrels! What do i do?

He keeps bringing them in the house dead and alive. What do with him and what do i do with all these squirrels? Moose my cat does not like the expensive Iams cat food i bought him so I replace it with the brand he likes but he is still brought another baby squirrel to my bed this morning. I need some feedback pretty quick. Fed up with him and his squirrel hunting behavior.Cat issues, my Maine Coon cat keeps bringing in baby squirrels! What do i do?
all cats like to hunt

most cats like junk cat fuhd like Meow Mix

get a new bell collar and threatin him with it, say ';your going to be wearin this collar if you harm the critters';

remember ...he is just showin you he loves youCat issues, my Maine Coon cat keeps bringing in baby squirrels! What do i do?
He's bring it home as a gift to you because he loves you! It's natural. Keep your cat indoors because lot of cats are being easily killed being outside by maniac cat haters, cars, poison, poisoned rats, etc. Iams and grocery brand foods really suck and they're full of fillers so their companies make big money they don't care about your cat's health. Holistic high quality cat food with no filler and gross meat byproducts will improve your cat's health. Petco sells good food like Wellness, Natural Balance, Innova, Indigo Moon
Bells are usually pretty worthless as cats quickly learn to move without making them jingle. Keep Moose inside and let the squirrels keep their babies.

As for what your cat eats, Iams is definitely not the best. It contains a lot of potentially harmful junk like grains, soy and corn. I'd recommend doing some research and switching to a healthier, more carnivore-appropriate diet.
If your cat is bringing home Dead and Alive animals he/she is probably thinking of it as a gift for u. It's their way of saying ';Look what I did Mom or Dad! I caught and killed this for u!';

When I had my cat outside she was always hunting and leaving dead animals on my front step lol. I don't think there is anything u can do about it unless you have them inside all the time.

As for the food... hmm... My cat hates the more expensive food. Try MEOW MIX! She loves that!!
Cats don't hunt because they are hungry, they actually enjoy the act of killing, big cats do this as well. Cats are predators and the only way to stop that behavior is to stop letting your cat outside.
His hunting behaviour is natural. Cats are predators by nature. Put a bell on his collar.

Iams is really not that good a food anyway, and I have no idea what that has to do with his hunting?
These are gifts for the cat-God.

You are the bringer of all life to your cat.

I would suggest a bell-collar to make sure the local wildlife have at least a sporting chance.
Stop a cat from hunting - easier to make it stop breathing. And cats don't really care how much you spend on cat food - they have no concept of money. They just know what they like.
Cats (especially pedigreed) need to be kept as indoor only pets. They don't miss being outdoors and the wildlife is safe.
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