Friday, August 6, 2010

If you have ever raised baby squirrels successfully,?

What kind of milk or formula did you use? I used goat milk.If you have ever raised baby squirrels successfully,?
In order to raise baby squirrels you must be a certified wildlife rehabilitator, otherwise you are keeping wildlife illegally, and likely you do not know how to properly raise them to help them out when they go back into the wild. If you are raising them to keep them as pet, again, illegal.

It's likely that you are not a wildlife rehabber, because then you would know the proper forums to ask such questions. Therefore, you should try contacting a local rehabber to take in the wildlife you current have (you can find one at鈥?/a> or contact your local wildlife department, game warden, etc). If you have ever raised baby squirrels successfully,?
no I tried to but they died they didn't get the right nutrition. call the vet right away. the vet told us to do this but it was to late. the vet will suk there stomach out so that when it tastes the new milk it will take it and get the nutrition it needs. good luck i hope these babies survive!
Here's a comparison

Grey Squirrel Milk (What they drink)

Solids 27.6% Protein 9.2% Fat 12.6% Carbohydrate 3.4%

Cow's Milk ( What we drink)

Solids 12.0% Protein 3.3% Fat 3.3% Carbohydrate 4.7%

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