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My baby squirrels have little blister like bumps on their stomaches, could this be worms or what? ?

I have had these little guys for about a week now, they have fur but their eyes and ears aren't opened yet. I am feeding them the correct formulas and keeping them warm, but theses little bumps popped up on them that lookes like ant bites, I have put antibiotic ointment on them but they arent getting better, what should I do and what is this?????My baby squirrels have little blister like bumps on their stomaches, could this be worms or what? ?
ya i think they are nipples . the same thing happened to my squirrels i thought they where ant bites so i squeezed on them to try to get the puss out and it just got really red and irritated. i felt terrible after words poor things. but ya i am pretty sure it is just their nipples. if they weren't there when you found them and you have had them inside and safe then nothing should be on them.they have lots of nipples they go all the way from their back legs to their almost their neck.

well if it is not the nipples it may be squirrel pox

squirrel poxDescription and Distribution

Squirrel pox, or squirrel fibroma is a viral disease which produces multiple tumors on the skin of gray and fox squirrels. It belongs to the pox group of viruses which produce rabbit fibromatosis, rabbit myxomatosis, hare fibromatosis and some deer fibromas. Multiple skin tumors on gray squirrels from Maryland were reported in 1953. Since then, reports of squirrels with skin tumors have come from Florida, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and Ontario. In Michigan, they have been found on both gray and fox squirrels in the lower peninsula.

Transmission and Development

These tumors are presumably all caused by a virus. Although the natural history of the virus is not known, both Aedes aegypti and Anopheles quadrimaculatus mosquitoes have transmitted it from squirrel to squirrel in the laboratory. It is probably transmitted by insects in nature as well.

The tumors develop at the site where the insects feed on the animal.

Clinical Signs and Pathology

Naturally infected squirrels are mostly juveniles. The tumors may be scattered over all the body and range in size from a few mm to 25mm in diameter. Metastasis to the lungs, liver, kidney, and lymph nodes has been reported. In general, there are no obvious signs of illness in naturally infected squirrels except for the presence of the tumors over the skin. In severe cases, when vision is obstructed or the skin becomes secondarily infected, the animal may be less active, weak, and eventually die. The microscopic lesions of squirrel pox virus in the gray squirrel are similar to those reported from Shope's rabbit fibroma virus in the cottontail.


The disease is diagnosed by finding characteristic gross and microscopic lesions. Confirmation of the disease is either by histologic examination of tissues for intracytoplasmic viral inclusion bodies or by virus isolation.


As far as we know, the virus only infects squirrels in nature. However, in the laboratory it has been successfully transmitted to woodchucks and rabbits.

In Michigan, where squirrel pox is common, there apparently have been no noticeable effects on squirrel populations. The disease is of no public health significance. The carcasses of affected animals are safe for human consumption, since current knowledge indicates the virus is not transmissible to man. Furthermore, the tumors are confined to the skin and are removed when the animal is skinned.

i sent a letter to a friend that has raised over 2500 squirrels to see if there is a treatment wating for an answer.My baby squirrels have little blister like bumps on their stomaches, could this be worms or what? ?
don't be silly, those are probably their nipples. All mammals have them, even cats and dogs, and no, they don't have to be female to have them, males have them too. :)
wow that really cool i never knew you could have a pet squirrels.but if i was you i would take them to the vet befor it gets worse or some things doesn't sound right to me .

good luck

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