Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Exactly when do reguler grey squirrels have babies, ';In MO';?

According to the website: http://answers.google.com/answers/thread…

“Squirrels give birth twice a year, in the spring (January-April) and

in the fall (August-September). There are 2-4 babies per litter. The

babies are self-sustaining at about 12-14 weeks of age and will leave

the natal area in search of their own territory.”Exactly when do reguler grey squirrels have babies, ';In MO';?
Usually in the springtime.

I remember once on Mother's Day, my mom saw a mother squirrel with her baby in a tree, as if she came down to wish her a ';Happy Mother's Day!'; This had been a squirrel that my mom had been feeding peanuts to for awhile. It was really neat to see she said!Exactly when do reguler grey squirrels have babies, ';In MO';?
Gray squirrels will mate in the late winter or early spring. This mating ritual willing began with a chase, where several males compete for one female. The males will chase each other through the trees jumping from branch to branch. The female will watch and then choose the male she believes is the strongest. That male will follow her until she is ready to mate. After the copulation, the male will return to its territory, leaving the female to raise the litter. The period of gestation varies between 44 and 46 days for gray squirrels. There are normally four to six born in the litter. The female squirrel will nurse the babies for their first ten weeks. During this time the babies will not leave the nest and are completely dependent on their mother for milk.
exactly.... cant be sure of that..

I am a wildlife rehabber.. my first baby squirrels were on Feb 14... I am still getting in babies..

normally one litter in spring.. and they also have a litter in fall.

I usually have squirrels from Feb-Oct.

and this weird weather we have been having..

Im in Oklahoma... so not much of a difference. :)

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