Saturday, August 21, 2010

Help!i found 2 baby squirrels!?

ok there was a huge storm and today when i was helping my dad pick up limbs i found 2 new born squirrels. they are pink , have no fur, and there eyes are closed. my mom is comming home from the grocery and then to the vet they go. what do i do till then? plz help!!!!!!!!Help!i found 2 baby squirrels!?
They are very very young and may not survive whatever you do. However to give them their best chance. The first thing is to keep them warm. the next is to feed them every two hours day and night. You will need formula that the vet recommends and baby animal bottles and lots of love and determination. Don't' give up on them yet please. They are little orphans after all.

I am so proud of you and your Dad for rescuing them. The fact you are taking them to the vet is admirable. Keep at it please please pleaseHelp!i found 2 baby squirrels!?
put a blanket in a box and carefully lay them there, then keep an very careful eye on them.
you should take them to a wildlife hospital straight away the still might have a chance to survive without there mother

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