Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have squirrels in my attic? When do they have babies?

I want to block off the way they got in, but I don't want to trap the babies. Is it safe to wait until the big ones are outside, then fix the holes? Or is this the wrong time of year? I assume they are capable of multiople litters/year. But I'm not sure. ThanksI have squirrels in my attic? When do they have babies?
they usually have babies in the summer and the winter. But the thing with squirrels is that first off the babies stay with mommy for almost a year and when squirrels live in trees they will live in the same tree for there whole life . Thats is assuming the tree stays there their whole life. So when they make a nest they intend for that to always be there home they don't just stay there for a bit then leave. So the babies could be there for a long time or forever. Your best bet is to have either you or and exterminator( not to kill them) put some humane trapps up there. you know the little cages that you put food in.If there is free food there the babies will go in it and then you can be sure they are gone. Or look around well befor you lock it up.

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