Friday, August 6, 2010

Does the name Cletus automatically condemn your baby to a life of squirrel hunting, beer drinking, and catfish?

...noodling? Will he remain semi-toothless for life? Live in a trailer park and have 12 babies of his own who go barefoot till they're 14?

I don't mean to sound harsh but I am very upset.

My Wife and I recently learned that we will be having a son and we are overjoyed. However both she and her mother are adamant about naming the baby Cletus as a part of some longstanding family tradition. My own mother is apalled, and I'm not altogether thrilled myself. In their defense they do insist that a Great-Great-Grandfather by the name of Cletus was a Confederate War Hero, but nevertheless,

I cannot help but conjure images from The Simpsons of some tobacco-spittin' coon-huntin' backwoods Deliverance freakshow of a son as a young man.

Please help. Am I being bullied? Am I being unreasonable? Is it just a name afterall?

Would YOU accept Cletus as the name for your son?Does the name Cletus automatically condemn your baby to a life of squirrel hunting, beer drinking, and catfish?
hahahaha....u have to watch this! It's called Cletus take the reel off of ';Jesus take the wheel';鈥?/a>Does the name Cletus automatically condemn your baby to a life of squirrel hunting, beer drinking, and catfish?
I completely agree with Eden's mom.

Name's don't have anything to do with personality, however it is a terrible name.

And Confederate war hero? Not really something to be so proud of.

Try to find middle ground. Maybe suggest that his middle name be Cletus? Don't be rude, but remind her that it is outdates, and it might be better to honour her great-great-grandfather in the middle name slot.
Maybe you can compromise and use Cletus as the middle name? C. is a businesslike initial...

To answer your question, I would never name my son that. The name itself doesn't limit a person, but the stereotypes associated with it might. It's awful to just determine someone's personality based on a name, but it does happen.
There is no way that I would ever name my son Cletus. It just reminds me of a redneck. And honestly, could you picture walking after a two year old yelling, ';Cletus, come back here'; in front of many people? Not probable.

I think you should definitely only use it as a middle name. If that. Try to compromise with your wife and her mother.
Squirrel huntin, beer drinkin and catfish noodlin are all fun past times. I also don't see a problem with being semi toothless and livin in a trailer park.

I find this name to be very classy which is why I named my first 3 sons cletus. I also named my 3rd daughter cletus.
thats a bit harsh. cletus is horribleeeeeeeee

im a fan of unsual, like, names. but, that, is like, BEYOND.



Poppet Montague-Jada MaKenzie Vixen Flash Zstaerin Estelleerina Diamond-symth.

87th in line for british throne
Alas, I see nothing but a 5-toothed gentleman wearing a sleeves-cut-off Chevrolet t-shirt, sitting in the kiddie pool in the front lawn, Marlboro in one hand, Busch light in the other.

That's tough.

Middle name. Please, please campaign for middle name.
You have a right to be upset as you are not getting any input into your child's name.

Come to a comprimise, have Cletus as like a second or third name.

I personally would not call my son Cletus.
Do not let your son be named Cletus.鈥?/a>
if you want your son to have any kind of a normal life, do not name him cletus. please. for the worlds sake do not.
I don't like the name. And that is what I think of when I hear it. If anything, use it as a middle name.
A fine, strong name choice Prometheus.

It's actually the shortened form of Cletootheus.

Cleteetheus if you have more than one..
I named my cat that. Cleaty likes all of the above except beer drinking. I do not drink and neither will any of my cat babies.
So are you saying a name like Orangelo or Labron or Espn or Brooklyn are better? Heck, Cletus sounds beautiful next to those...

Just name him Clevis!!
Not to mention a life of complete and utter bliss married to this smokin'-hot babe:;_ylt鈥?/a>
No I wouldn't name my son Cletus but not for the harsh, stereotypical reasons that you have. Cletus is just an ugly name to me.
It's a great name; you can call him Clit for short.
Please do not name your child Cletus. He will be called ';Cletus the Fetus'; . Don't hang that around a little boys neck.
I think you should have your say with them. Please, for your baby boys sake, make sure you win!
No, it doesn't.

Cletus is a terrible name.
nah he may get lucky and have a braincell

hell no I wouldn't name my kid cletus LOL
NO, it dosen't!!

But the name Junior does! lol
Well, it can be worse.... what if it were a girl?
no way in hell would i name my kid Cletus!
i would definately not want my child to be named Cletus.

It would not mean he'll end up like all those sterotyped thingies you keep going on about.

However, he IS likely to be bullied and teased for most of his life. Imagine in pre-school when he has to go up and say his name and the rest of the kids start laughing at him coz he has a strange name! And then in middle school where they learn the history and stereotypes of his name, and he gets shunned and teased and becomes all locked up inside because he just knows being teased. And then in high school when they have all those cliques and teams and stupidness and on top of all the other stuff going on in his life, he has this name that causes him to be a walking joke. And when he tries to get a job, his employer has to try so hard not to laugh when he sees his new employees job that he sprays tea all over him by accident.

Try to save your child! Remember that your wife needs to contribute in the naming of your son, but it's your son too! And if you feel strongly against this name you need to put your foot down. However, if and when she comes around, remember YOU need to compromise too. Don't demand your dream name either, if she likes something else that's not as crazy as this one, suggest and suggest until you both come up with something you BOTH like.

Maybe Cletus could be the poor boy's middle name instead? That wouldn't be so bad and will make your wife and mother-in-law feel better. But try not to shove the psycho-ideas down their throats. He's not going to become a man-eating monster, but he'll get bullied and teased.
Don't do it! If they're so set on having Cletus in your son's name, make it a middle name. It's fine and dandy that it's a family name but I can sit here and tell you right now that if you do that, your son is going to hate you for the rest of his life. He'll be picked on mercilessly, and that for one should be enough to make anyone change their mind. Find something you both agree on... it's your baby too.

Just show your wife this page... This is how people will think of your little Cletus for the rest of his life. Do you really want to subject him to this?
you are the father, you are the man, the leader and head of the household, and your wife and her family should respect and recognize that. traditionally men have named their children, and in all love you should hear your wifes choices but in subjection and obedience she should respect your decision. not in a door mat way, and no i dont mean you shoud put your wife under your thumb and abuse and misterat her or her feelings. love her as yourself and she should be willing to concede. but having said all that, cletus is a horrible name.

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