Saturday, August 21, 2010

I need to know things about baby squirrels!?

I rescued two baby squirrels who had been abandoned by their mother in my yard. I think they have been outside since last night but I can't be sure. I think they are 3 and a half weeks old. Right now, they are in a cardboard box in our garage (which is very warm) that has blankets, and I put them right next to each other hoping that would help them stay warm. They are covered with the blanket, but not the heads. I fed them some warm whole milk out of a bottle, and they took it. Oh, the box is on top of the freezer in our garage, since its really warm, I figured that would help.

Right now I sent an email to a place that takes baby squirrels, because I figured that they wouldn't be open this late.

Is there anything else I can do?I need to know things about baby squirrels!?
Well you are on the right track. i was going to say you need a heating pad but they top of the fridge should be fine. don't worry about covering their heads the can breath just fine, cover them up just not tight. warmth is the most important thing next to food. If they are uncomfortable they will crawl to where they are OK. With the milk, whole milk is great thats right but instead of just warming it up put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds till it is just before a boil then let it cool down. This is called scalding. The reason for this is that milk has a lot enzymes in it that is to much for their little tummies to handle, scalding it will kill that. If you want put a little bit of plain regular yogurt in it . this is filling and has probiotics that will help with their digestion. Don't listen to anyone telling you to give them kitten formula it is very bad for rodents. It is meant for carnivores which rodents are not. Make sure you do not feed them to fast cause the milk will bubble through their noses and they can get an infection in their lungs and die. If to much gets in their mouth take a tissue and clear their mouth and nose then continue feeding. make sure you are feeding enough and every couple hours take a tissue with warm water on it and tickle their bums to stimulate them to go potty. That should do it. Have fun their great little creatures!!

If you have more questions check out this site, it will tell you everything you need to know.鈥?/a>

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