Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baby Squirrels?

My husband works for a tree service and this morning while cutting a tree, 3 baby squirrels fell out of it. He couldn't leave them there and didn't know what to do, so he put them in a box and on his lunch break brought them to me. So I was wondering if anyone has raised baby squirrels and could give me any advice as of what to do. I put some spray foam on them to kill bugs and then washed it off with a wet cloth. (I didn't want to put them all the way in water.) I would say from the websites that I got on that these babies were about 5 weeks old. Their teeth are just now starting to come through and I got them to drink some sugar water through a syringe. I cut up some grapes but it seems like they don't know what to do with them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!Baby Squirrels?
I had raised 2 baby squirrels that fell from a tree....this is the site I used to raise mine good luck to you they are a lot of fun and a bit of work but they are lovable!鈥?/a>Baby Squirrels?
The babies are too young for any solid food yet. The best thing to use is Scolded milk and some liquid Vitium E added. Use whole milk. See this web page for information. We too have this same problem and ours is doing very well on this formula. In time you may need to put them in a pet carrier. If yo have a glass tank from a Guinea Pig, this will work for a while. Keep them WARM, this is very important. You are lucky the bug spray did not kill them.

They are a lot of work and you have 3 so you may want to look for someone who has a pet dog or cat what is feeding its young. You can trick the mom by putting a TINY bit of Vick's rub on her nose and some on the babies. They will all smell the same to her, Mommy animals don't count and I have seen pictures of squirrel babies being feed by dogs, cats and even a pig!

If you can't do this, take them to a rehab who will hand raise them and return them to the wild.

Good luck.
I dont know what to do but my g/f's exhusband's g/f just resqued some baby squirrels that were knocked out of a nest by a big truck. Email me and I will try to get you whatever info she has found out. I know she talked to a local wildlife rehab person known as ';the squirrel lady';.
Years ago, I rescued a juvinele squirrel hit by a car. His legs were hurt. I put him in a cage in my home, gave him a gerbil bottle and some seeds with corn in it, nursed his leg and put a splint on it, and he did so well, I was able to let him go a few weeks later. I would contact your local wildlife conservation group for some advice. I tried to take my squirrel to an emergency vet, but was told he would be put down, So I took him home to rehab him and try to save his life. He was very very smart, and caught on to the water bottle immediately. and if you feed them properly, they should grow enough for you to release them locally. So so sweet of you to take them in. They really are cute and very bright...good luck!!!
Do not give them cows milk.. Get some puppy formula called Esbilac powder and follow those directions. When they are old enough to eat seeds give them Mouse and Rat food. I am pretty sure this is the site I used to take care of the baby squirrel I found. Just remember they are wild animals and need to be released when they are old enough, it wouldn't be fair or legal to keep them as pets !!!

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