Friday, August 6, 2010

I have this pet squirrel, its a female, i found it when it was a baby and i nursed it to health an now.....?

its an adult female , well it lives outside now in a large oaktree in the front yard, ill go outside everyday and she will come down an eat some peanuts, i also have a container of water o keep by the tree. well yesterday a male squirrel can up an chased her away an bit her, now im afraid shes going to be chased off what can i do? i wonder why a male squirrel would do that to the female sqiurrel anyway, but im afraid im going to have to start throwing rocks at him if i cant find a resolutionI have this pet squirrel, its a female, i found it when it was a baby and i nursed it to health an now.....?
I too once had a squirrel that my grandfather gave me. She and her brother were in a tree that was cut down during the expansion of a golf course. The mother was killed and the brother died shortly there after. I nursed her with puppy milk. She would climb all over people when they first entered the door. I loved that squirrel. She starting living outside too, but ran off to raise herself a family.

I suggest that you let them be. Maybe the male is being aggressive because she smells like you, human. After you leave her alone for a bit, they might mate. If you wanted her to remain indoors or away from that'll have to chase him off.

The choice is up to you. It is your squirrel. You'll have to decide when it is time to let go.I have this pet squirrel, its a female, i found it when it was a baby and i nursed it to health an now.....?
Bad idea to try to make it a PET. If you have given it the run of the oak tree, you might as well say goodbye to her. Squirrels are WILD animals and should be kept in the wild, and not sheltered from their potential mates. Would she know how to survive without you feeding her peanuts and water every day? Probably not.

Should have kept her wild.
Squirrel's will come to where the food is. Now since you basically raised this female from birth she will always be around no matter what. Hate to say this but you are now going to be feeding more squirrel's. They know where the food source is, so either provide more food or stop all together. The male and female will finally mate if you just leave things alone. Also another thing to keep in mind is that a squirrel's lifespan lasts only 3 years if they don't get run over.
squirrels do make very good pets i had one which ran away with another i think u should wait to see what that guy wants if u feel he is not much harm let them be friends maybe that guy just wants company

gud luck
That male might have been giving her a ';love-bite'; to entice her to mate with him...and others here are right-it could also infect her with rabies and other diseases.

Let her go...let her have a normal life with a mate and babies.

You gave her a real gift when you nursed her back to health and raised her to adulthood.

Just think of her as being your first child...and she's all grown up and she's going off to start her own family!!! Just wait till spring-you'll be seeing her babies grow up!!!

You did a wonderful thing!!!!
Your question made my day......your not the 1st to try to tame varmits ! goood luck
I'm not really sure if you should have a squirrel as a pet. it's wonderful that you nursed it back to health but it is a wild animal. that male squirrel that bit her could have rabbies and she could have gotten infected because that's how it's spread. i guess one of the reasons for him to attack her could be because territorial and mating reasons. i also think that you shouldn't throw rocks at him you don't want him attacking you.
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