Friday, August 6, 2010

Do snakes eat squirrels,frogs and baby crocodiles?

Just wondering.....Do snakes eat squirrels,frogs and baby crocodiles?
Squirrels - yes

Frogs - yes

Baby crocs - yes

It would be different kinds of snakes though, Squirrels would be eaten by constrictors, my Puff Adder used to eat only frogs, and I'd say anacondas would eat baby crocs.Do snakes eat squirrels,frogs and baby crocodiles?
Of course they do, these are one of there favourite food, for more information about ';What do snakes eat'; visit these websites below. Good luck :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
in the wild, you name it and i can name a kind of snake that will eat it. small brown snakes even eat slugs!

Fortunately captive bred snakes eat more 'civilized' lab mice and rats.
It depends on the snake...however there are some snakes that will eat all the above mentioned and including man...Please be careful...
Some will if they are hungry enough !!
snakes eat squirrels snake eat squirrels, frogs, rats, and they do eat crocodile eggs, whole. they eat a whole lot of things.
Only if the drive through at McDonald's is closed.
Squirrels and frogs. and depending on the size of the croc i think they may eat them if they're hungary enough.

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