Saturday, August 21, 2010


Why is it putin most rehabilitaters head to use puppy formula for baby squirrels. This does not make sense to me and i would like to know the logic behind it. Puppies are carnivores so puppy formula is made for a meat eating animal which squirrels are not. Therefore how would there stomachs be ale to digest this? I would like answers from people who have actually gone through some rehab classes or maybe a vet. Can you explain to me what was told to you on why and how this would be a good healthy thing to do. It would seem to me that you would want to give an animal that eats vegetation milk from another animal that eats vegetation not one that eats meat. There digestive systems are not the same.WHY PUPPY FORMULA FOR BABY SQUIRRELS?
I know you want an experts opinion and i'm not an expert but i know EVERYTHINGGG about animals. Female dogs obviously produce milk rich in nutrition for their dogs. Puppies do not get introduced to solids such as meat until they are a few weeks older. So they just need nutrition and the formula is rich in that, they do have different digestive systems but that doesn't mean that their bodies don't need the same nutrients. Such as calcium for bones, vitamins for their fur, and iron. Cows have a different digestive track that us, they are ruminant and have 4 stomachs...yet we still drink their milk. Same with goats and so on.

Presumably because you cant get baby squirrel formula.

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