Saturday, August 21, 2010

Found baby squirrels?

Ok two baby squirrels i found outside my house...they came right up to mee....i live on a busy street and i think there mom got flattened....they are small but have hair and there eyes are open and they are playful...there eating the acorns i gave them...i put them in a cage with a blanket and food...and water...if i let them go...i think they will the there anything else i should doFound baby squirrels?
take them to the nearest wild life sanctuary they will slowly adapt back to the wild. since they are use to humans its almost certain they will not make it if you let them go yourself.Found baby squirrels?
you need to call a the wildlife conservation center, they will know what to do. its wrong that you took them in, but seeing as you already did, you need to know a few things.

1.) a usual squirrel should be terrified of humans, mother alive or died. this could be a sign of a rare illness in which the brain malfunctions making instincts unclear. this usually happens with young neighbor hood animals.

2.) you need to stop touching the babies, its a wives tale that the mother wont come back, but still. ticks, fleas, and viruses still hide on the skin of the babies.

3.) they may be cute and cuddly, but you must remember that these are wild animals you are messing with. one wrong move, and you could really hurt your neighborhoods wildlife settings. you need to let them out in a fenced area, and leve them alone until you call your wild life conservation center.

please know that even if you are able to take in wildlife, that doesnt mean you should. things happen for a reason, and you dont need to mes with nature... its taken care of.
check with your local wildlife agency. in some places it is illegal to keep wild animals such as squirrels and you could get hit with a large fine. There may be a local wildlife rescue agent near you that can advise you correctly.

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