Saturday, August 21, 2010

Abandoned hungry baby squirrels...?

There are four hungry abandoned baby squirrels on the side of my screen porch gutters, the mom got hit by a car 24hrs. ago, the gutter is long and narrow, the nest is towards the back, the opening is about 10 inches away from the wall, rescuers couldn't get to them unless they took the whole gutter down, to repair it would cost at least 5,000.00 dollars.the alternative they gave me left me distraught, i got on a ladder and gave them some bird seed, but i don't know what else I can do, any advice would be appreciated.....Abandoned hungry baby squirrels...?
Quick, take them to a local vet or SPCA where they have a wildlife rehabilitator. I used to work there. We fed them kitten replacement formula in a bottle.

OOPs, didn't read it thoroughly. Bird seed, they don't eat. If you cannot get them, they will die. If you cannot get them out, they will block your gutter when they decompose, sorry. At some point you will have to get them out.

Do you have anything with a long handle with some type of grasping end? YOu could reach in and try and grab them? God, I don't know. Good luck.Abandoned hungry baby squirrels...?
my friend has had two baby squirrels before. What you should do is put them in a little higher than room tempurature room and feed the warm milk. Put them in a shoe box with some rags or tshirts that you don't need anymore. you want to feed them protien and fat. but liquids. fyi: most cant survive because their mom helps them learn how to walk, and climb. but if you get them shots.... they're yours!
Sounds like they may be too young to eat on their own. I raised baby squirrels after a hurricane and they had to be bottle fed every 3 hrs. I would go about 5 hrs. at night just to get some sleep, but until then it was every 3 hrs. The recipe was newborn human baby formula and egg yolks. Mix according to directions on can, beat in egg yolks,then strain it . Feed the same temp you would a human baby. I wish I was there to help. I'm pretty good at figuring ways to rescue baby's in tight places. Hope it turns out good for the little things.
I know its not a proper answer but aww how sweet of you %26lt;3

(I can just say what the other guy said and maybe put a bowl of water up there or something)
peanuts and bird seed will do fine some sunflower seed will be good too
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