Saturday, August 21, 2010

HELP!!! What do I do with baby squirrels?!?

This morning, I heard this really high-pitched squeaking noise so I went into my backyard to see what it was and saw two baby squirrels!! I thought they might have fallen out of a tree, because they were right under this huge oak tree so I left them, thinking their mom would come get them. I got back from school, and they were still there!!!!! They were just curled up in the freezing cold grass. So I put them in a cardboard box and put a towel in there so they could keep warm, but now what?! The animal rescue place closes at 5:00, so we have to wait until tomorrow to bring them in. What do I do until then? What do I feed them? How do I house them? How do I keep them warm?

They look like they are brand-new babies, they are TINY, and they have really shiny, velvety soft fur. It looks like they just opened their eyes. Every once in a while one of them will do this really high-pitched ';EEEEP!! EEEEP!!!'; sound.

HELP!!! I FEEL SO BAD FOR THEM!!! THEY ARE, LIKE, ON THE VERGE OF DYEING!!!HELP!!! What do I do with baby squirrels?!?
*Must be puppy formula only. Anything else can kill them. If milk comes out there nose, they will die for sure. Must feed with eye dropper real slow and every four hours around the clock. There may be something physically wrong with them. IF the mother knows that for sure they push them out of the nest. This is true with most animals.HELP!!! What do I do with baby squirrels?!?
Leave them where you found them. Its possible the mother will find them. its also possible she threw them from the nest because they aren't healthy enough to survive. If the mother doesn't find them a fox or other predator will have an easy snack. It sounds harsh but your chances of successfully rearing them is very small. If they get eaten their death won't be for nothing.

i realy hoped i helped!!!!

:( save the lil squirrells!!!

Hope that helps
Definitely call animal control, they will take care of it, or maybe even the humane society.
call animal control.

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Keep them warm and in a dark place. If they are old enough to move around on their own put a dish of water in the box. Get them to the rescue centre ASAP in the morning.

I'm assuming that you are in the US. In the UK grey squirrels are not considered indigenous and it is illegal to rehabilitate them and then release them back to the wild. For this reason the RSPCA has to put down any grey squirrels that are taken to them. I used to volunteer for the RSPCA and was always told that if I ever found an injured squirrel I'd be better off trying to nurse it at home where the authorities wouldn't know if I let it go again. Thankfully I've never been in that situation.

I do regularly raise and release wild orphaned ducklings.
you should never touch them, even to feed them, because they are wild animals and might hurt you. You should put them somewher they can get out, like an enclosed box with lots of air holes, just remembet that they COULD get out. and keep them somewhere warm and they should be ok until the animal rescue opens, then let them come get them. Dont try too hard to save them and get hurt, because by puting them in the warm you can help them without getting hurt by playing with the ';cute'; animals. If you didnt find them, they probably would have frozen to death anyway so at least you are helping them
NO BABY FORMULA PLEASE!!! NO GOOD JUST MILK READ THIS!!!!! first off there not going to hurt you they are only babies and at this age they don't even have teeth.they are about 7 week if there eyes are open. second POEPLE duh she said animal control is closed. sorry for people who don't read well. you should take them there in the morning if thats what you want to do( my animal control puts them down right away). but until then the box is fine with the towel. you should put a heating pad in there if you don't have one take a water bottel and fill it with hot water and put it in there but make sure that the towel is between them and what ever you use to warm them so they don't get burnt.keeping them warm is most important next to feeding. do not feed them until they are warm and have been for at least a half hour. now for food take a little cup and put a small amount of milk in it and yogart if you have some( only a small amount and the yogart will help fill them sence they have not eatin in a while) and put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. this will kill the enzymes in the milk so it won't hurt there tummies you can feed them from a syring that is the best thing. you can get them at the drug store in the baby section. please do not use a eye dropper it feeds to fast then the milk gets in there nose and they can asperate( drowned basically) or they get an infection in there nose that can kill them. so please take your time while feeding and go nice and slow. this will get them threw the night. then do whatever you are gonna do. if you have any more questions feel fre to mail me i will be glad to help.

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