Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Found a baby Squirrel what do i do !!!!?

I was watering the grass and a baby squirrel fell out of a tree. its still bald and its eyes are shut. what do they eat when theier younge....does milk suffice? help!!!!!!Found a baby Squirrel what do i do !!!!?
No. First you need to keep him warm. Put him in a shoebox with a rag and lay the box half on and half off of a heating pad set on low. If you have one, call yout local wildlife department. We have Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition, ( or thats what it used to be called). If you can't get help from them, go to petco and get some KMR, which is kitten replacement milk. If possible, get some nutramigen, which is a vitamin boost to help him make it. Nix about a half in. of the paste with half cup of the milk and store leftovers in the fridge. Put a little in a pet ag bottle. The small kind. If they have it, get the elongated nipples for squirrels. If not, the regular ones are ok. You have to take a hot needle to open the hole on the nipple first, and boil the bottles, nipples and container you are going to store milk in for ten minutes before using. You need to work fast. This baby is young and probably won't make it but you should try. Do not give him water. Next time give hes mom time to come and get him. You probably kidnapped him without knowing it. It's been a long time but if you need more help, I'll try to accomidate, Good luck.

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