Saturday, August 21, 2010

I found two baby squirrels at work yesterday. They seem to be just born. They're pink, and...?

the umbilical cord stub is still attached, though it's probably just a scab now. I've been feeding them replacement cat milk a few times a day, and they seem to be doing fine! I really want to raise them, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips/advice to keep them healthy.I found two baby squirrels at work yesterday. They seem to be just born. They're pink, and...?
You need to call your local wildlife rescue organization. Some of them have 24-hour hotlines. They have specially trained people there who can advise you over the phone. If it should become necessary for you to take the squirrels in to them, be sure and make a donation, however small. Most of these organizations are on a very tiny budget and often the workers pay for supplies for the animals out of their own pocket, rather than see them suffer. So make a donation, however small.I found two baby squirrels at work yesterday. They seem to be just born. They're pink, and...?
Look up wildlife rescue on the internet; narrow it down to your area.

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I think that it is great that you are trying to save those little guys, but in all honesty, after nursing them back to health, you really should put them back in their natural environment. They will learn, and chances are, if you put them in your back yard they'll probably stay close! I've know many people to do this with rabbits and squirrels. They need to learn to survive in their natural habitat.As for now, call and ask your local conservation department or animal control how to properly care for them until they are old enough to be out on their own. Good luck.
Contact a vet or wildlife rescue organization - they will have the best advice, and they will be able to recommend formula which more closely resembles that of a squirrel. Good luck to you and the little babies!!
It is very ILLEGALto keep wild life like this鈥?/a>

check out this website for a little more info.

You need to take them to a wild life rehabilitation center right away!!
You will have to get a 1/2 in wire that is used for other pets. And you are doing a kind thing to these lil guys. I have always wanted one, and you will realy enjoy them. You shuld but a cage, agcorns, cage, food, nest box and carefresh bedding. good luck!
Please turn them over to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. These are not pets, they are illegal to posess. They will be dangerous to handle in just a few weeks. they will be able to jump, chew, bite and escape. They will not be able to survive in the wild now that you have taken them from their mother.
Wow, squirrels. The cat milk should be fine till they open eyes and start wandering. Most stores like walmart have squirl food. I am sure that rat food would be okay. Try calling a vet. Pet squirrels are unusual but a vet may have some good advice.

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