Friday, August 6, 2010

What do baby squirrels eat?

my dad was cutting down a tree and while cutting it into pieces he came across two baby squirrels. so we are going to take care of them. their eyes arent open so they are really young. what do they eat?What do baby squirrels eat?
Get them to a rehabber asap. It is illegal for you to care for them without proper training. If you feed them the wrong food, they will get severe gastrointestinal problems and die, also feeding them improperly can lead to aspiration - milk in the lungs, this also leads to death. They are also diffacult to care for, as babies that small need to be fed every 3 hours all day and all night. They can also develop diseases like metabolic bone disease, in which they would never survive in the wild with.

Until you can find a rehabber in your area, keep them warm on a heating pad. I know they are cute, and adorable, and it seems easy to raise them, but without training you cannot care for them properly, and its not fair to the squirrels, they deserve a high quality of life.What do baby squirrels eat?
If they are very small, they will need milk. Not COW's milk, so don't do that!!!

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