Friday, August 6, 2010

Why is it that you never see baby squirrels?

Sometimes the questions are better than other times. This is a better question. Baby squirrels and baby birds also do not leave the nest until they are able to fend for themsleves. And they grow up very fast. I do not know how long it takes a squirrel to grow up, but a baby robin learns to fly in 13 days. Immagine that!!!Why is it that you never see baby squirrels?
They're trying to grow up!Why is it that you never see baby squirrels?
They mature in a few weeks.
They're probably in their nest or something until the grow up.
I know, also I have never seen a baby pigeon. I believe they do not leave their nests until they are grown.
They're invisible. When their tail grows in (at the adult stage), there's a *poof*, a cloud of smoke and Voila! they become visible to humans
i have seen them, one fell out of its nest onto the side walk, we took it and tried to feed it, when it didnt work we put him in a box and he made a god awful sqill and his mom got him FAST
Like baby bear cubs, their mother hides them until they grow half-way and are able to run fast enough to protect themselves. Most baby bear cubs spend their young life up at the tops of trees.
I have seen some pretty small ones. I imagine they are born hairless and when they develop enough, they will be out romping around.
they are kept in the hole till big enough to escape their preditors.
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