Friday, August 6, 2010

What do i do i found little baby squirrels?

i found 4 baby squirrels in my backyard and i watched them a little then i descided to leave them there for the mom to pick them up i went to eat out and hang out with friends thenin 2 hours i cames back and the squirrels were still there just wher i left them i took the baby squrrels to my house and i feel bad for them but i have no idea how to help them what should i do????What do i do i found little baby squirrels?
You need to take them to the closest wildlife rehabilitation center.

There they'll be able to successfully raise and release the squirrels back into their habitat.What do i do i found little baby squirrels?
Like Nixity said, contact a Wildlife Rehabilitator in your area. You should be able to locate one either in the Yellow Pages or by going to the business section of your phone book. You can also look online.

Also, look online to find out all you can about feeding and caring for baby squirrels because it could take a little bit of time for the Wildlife Rehab person to get back to you and you want to try to keep them alive in the meantime. Babies need warmth, water, and food frequently. Most of the rehabbers do this as volunteers and some of them have other full-time jobs.
Well, the Mama might still be around, but who knows? She could be out in the street, if you know what I mean. You should get them a box with warm material in it that won't get their claws stuck in it. Put them close to where you found them, out of reach of cats and give them some softened cat food or wheat bread, whatever you have that seems like healthy squirrel food.

We once found a baby squirrel that had fallen out of the nest in our bird house ( the squirrel mama took over the bird house) We made sure it was ok, and looked after it for a while. Mama finally came looking for him after several hours, I was surprised how long she took to do so. Anyway, she took him back up to the bird house and he was fine.
raise them. I don't know how but my sister has done it and she still has the crazy little brat. If you have children, you may want to give them to someone you trust. They get crazy and love to play and bite.
Squirrels are vermin. Tree rats. Kill them, and do us all a favour, please
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