Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby mouse, rat, or squirrel?

We found a baby rodent in the backroom (it used to be a shed, but it's now converted intoo a room)

It's eyes are closed still, so its no more then couple weeks old at most. It's teeny tiny, probably an inch to three inches, not including its tail. It has very tiny dark brownish (a little grayish) hair, and whiskers above its eyes and around it's nose. It has little white fur on it's tummy, and I cant really tell if there is fur on the tail.

Someone told me that it looks like a baby squirrel, but someone else said it looked like a baby mouse. The problem is though, is that we have an airconditioning unit in the backroom, and its high enough to be a window unit (which im pretty sure it is, but it's sealed in) and there looks like there was a nest on top of it. So we're assuming the baby rodents fell out when our aircondtioning unit back here was getting fixed, and there mother was no where to be found. This happened back awhile ago as well, during the winter season, I think.

So I don't think it could be a mouse because the nest was pretty high up, but rats can get the high, and so can squirrels, of course.

I was wondering if you could possibly help me out on what it might be?

Thanks Baby mouse, rat, or squirrel?
mice are 1 inch at the LARGEST, so it must be a rat (squirrels have furry tails even when they are born)

the color you have is called ';agouti';


Rat(twice as large as mouse, Head size of a nickel) :鈥?/a>

Squirrel:鈥?/a>Baby mouse, rat, or squirrel?
Well I know that baby rats and mice dont get fur on them till they are about 2 weeks old and thats peach fuzz at best. Sounds to small to be a squirrel though. Might very well be a baby rat or mouse. Rats and mices eyes do open at the age of 2 weeks old.
You most definetly have a baby rat. They make very good pets if you are planning on keeping it! Mice are tiny when they are born, squirrels have fur on their tails.

Too big to be a baby mouse, they are TINY!

squirrel is unlikely, because they are REALLY furry when they are born.

Rat is likely.
What you are describing sounds exactly like a baby rat, so thats probably what it is. if you want to know, look up baby rat online at google images.
probablya rat but it will die unlss you get to a vet for milk for it

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